Will they demolish Babu’s house?

jagan praja vedika

It looks like the new Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is trying to chew more than that he can swallow. In the name of illegal constructions, the YSRc Government wants to demolish the Praja Vedika office and also the house of the former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. The Government says that these constructions are on the bank of Krishna river. But the TDP leaders say that they were constructed with permission and everything is in order. There is another law which says that the constructions done on the banks of the river should not use steel in the construction.

Here the formers CMs house and Praja Vedika the auditorium and meeting place is a pucca construction done with steel and cement. This really goes against the rules.

This is nothing but political Vendetta say some TDP leaders. Chandrababu’s house is a private building improvised for the CM. The house belongs to a businessman.

But there are multistoried building on either side of the Krishna river. Some people earlier went to the court demanding that the Chief Minister should not stay in illegal construction. Minister Botsa Satyanarayana says that Babu has lost the power and that he must vacate the buildings.

NCC construction has built the Prajavedika in the name of Government building. It is overrated and also illegal construction said some experts and filed cases against the building.

Now the new Government has taken a decision to demolish. How the people would react to it has to be seen. Chandrababu will defn=initley get some sympathy there is no doubt about it.