Will the Lotus bloom in South

ambikha krishna

It has been decided in the Baithak that the BJP must get power in the South at any cost. They have already started working on it. They are taking the leaders left, right and centre into the party.

Ambika Krishna is the latest from Andhra Pradesh. 4 MPs have already joined the party in Rajyasabha. Now they are looking at the MLAs from Andhra and Telangana.

If we can grow from just 2 to 350 why can’t we get power in the South is the discussion in the party circles. The big issue with the party leaders in the Southern states is that they dont allow the new leaders to function properly. There are a lot of internal bickerings in Andhra and Telangana apart from Tamilnadu.

But the new working president of the party Nadda is very keen on developing the party in the Telugu states. Several leaders from the Congress, TDP and other parties have lined up before Nadda and they would be joining the BJP soon.

As a working President Nadda has to prove himself and he is working under close coordination with Muralidhar Rao and others. If required both Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah will tour the entire South for winning the election.

But coming to power is the ultimate goal. Let’s hope the lotus will bloom in one of the Southern states in 2024.