Will save the farmers at any cost

cm kcr

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao assured the members in the Assembly that the Government spends about Rs 12000 crore for power bills for saving the farmers and crops.

He cited the example of Chennai and Dubai where they don’t have proper water and Dubai was using desalinated water. It is a very costly process he said. But the projects will be taken up for the usage and welfare of the future generations and let the people who have the negative bent of mind criticise it he said.

The people are our bosses and don’t bother about the criticism of the people who just do it for opposing us he said. If there is constructive criticism we will definitely take it KCR said.

He opined that the suicides of the farmers were contained as they were getting financial help also from the Government and that they are getting Rs 10000 in two phases for the crops in the state. No other state is taking such steps for the welfare of the farming community CM KCR explained.

Water is the elixir of life, and the Government would go to any extent for providing the water for irrigation and drinking purpose he said. CM said that the Rythu Bandhu is being implemented by the Central Government also. He said that the water will be provided to one and all that the Government is ready to take the burden.