Will Renu Desai contest against Pawan..


Renu Desai the ex-wife of our Jana Sena chief is all set to contest against Pawan Kalyan it is reported. The YSRC leaders have got in touch with her and are trying to convince her to contest against Pawan it is learnt. But there is no confirmation as yet over this political matter. She is now working with a channel and indirectly against the Jana Sena and Pawan Kalyan. Precisely against Pawan only. Target Pawan is her aim. She has also agreed to work as a leading lady in a movie. The whole idea behind the movie and also the TV slot is to trouble Pawan Kalyan and to show and discuss in the state of Andhra Pradesh that she was Pawan’s wife and that he had divorced two wives and the present is the third one.

Sources close to Jagan has revealed that it was Prashant Kishore the poll strategist’s idea to bring in Renu Desai to defame Pawan Kalyan just before the polls. The YSRC might raise a question saying that one who cannot run his own family properly cannot run the state. They would say Pawan Kalyan could not be perfect on his personal and family side and that how can he maintain the state. But right now there is a talk that Pawan is already on the back foot and is aligning with the TDP from the back door. Both the Political heat and the temperatures with the hot sun are rising in Andhra Pradesh as the elections are nearing.