Who tapped Harish Raos phone?

Harish rao

There are rumours that the phone of Harish Rao the former Minister and a close relative of KCR has been tapped. No one confirmed the news, but the close associates of Harish have said that he is not speaking openly on the phone as it might have been tapped. However Harish did not confirm this. There is also news that the TRS Government has got some crucial input on the movements of Harish Rao. Unconfirmed sources say that the phone recording of Harish Rao goes against his political interest.

Some of them predicted that the phone talk could be with the BJP leaders. They say that this could be the reason, for the TRS leaders to keep Harish Rao at a distance.But there are leaders in the TRS who are close to the family, who say that everything was alright and KCR knows what to do. But the intelligence is closely monitoring the movements of Harish Rao and his followers from close quarters.

Harish, on the other hand, is not leaving anything behind and also playing all the cards close to his chest. But one thing is for sure, he is gaining popularity and sympathy with the people of Telangana.