Where is Vakkantham Vamsi ?


Vakkantahm Vamsi the friend of Junior NTR has gone underground. These days he is in hibernation. After a big disaster called Naa Peru Surya with Arjun, he is not meeting people. He is in touch with NTR.

he has given stories like Teamer which were blockbusters. But they were directed by the directors. Vakkantham miserably failed as a director.

As a writer, Vakkantahm charged a crore for the story. But after the disaster called Surya with Allu Arjun, he is yet to make a comeback.

He is trying his hands in other languages it is reported. But Vakkantham understood that Direction is not his cup of tea. He must stick to story writing only.

Vakkantham Vamsi’s brother Chandramouli is an astrologer and it is learnt that he has advised the brother to keep quite for some time so that he can tide over the crisis called the bad time.

Earlier Vakkantham was supposed to direct Temper for NTR. But NTR roped in Puri for Vakkanthams story and it became a super-duper hit. It was produced by Bandla Ganesh.