We are in Chennai says Kalki


The self-styled Kalki Bhagawan couple thanked the devotees for supporting them and reposing faith in them. They revealed in the form of a video that they are in Chennai and that the rumours of absconding are not true.

We love you all they said to the devotees. On the other hand bundles of unaccounted money and Kilos of Gold has been recovered from the Ashrams of this self-proclaimed Swamiji.

He has ashrams in 40 locations across the country and also abroad. There were rumours that drugs were being introduced in the form of medicines and that the devotees fell ill.

But later the rumours subsided and business was as usual in the Ashramas. It looked as if Kalki couple are putting a brave face to show the devotees that they would face the IT searches legally.

But lot of unaccounted money and Gold were found in the Ashrams. Now they are in Chennai and talked to the devotees saying that they are in the country. It has been found that large tracks of land were also acquired by the Kalki couple.