Vithika eliminated from Big Boss


Vithika the wife of Varun Tej has been eliminated from Big Boss and Shiva Jyothi remained in the contest. However, the fights between the contents are continuing like before.

The compromises in the house, however, are also going on. The contest is quite interesting to the audience and they are enjoying it. The anchoring of Nagarjuna is good. The TRP rates are also high when compared to the earlier contests.

Almost all the members are nominated this week and one of them is going to eliminate. Sivajyothi escaped from elimination as she got 2 per cent more votes when compared toVithika.

Srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Rahul are said to be safe players so far in the Big Boss -3. Overall the suspense is bound to continue for the next two weeks with the Big Boss.

We do not what kind of thrills and frills will be added in the coming two weeks. Meanwhile, some top film celebrities are also expected to take part in the Big Biss in the coming 15 days.