Vishal Reddy will get married

Vishal Anisha

Vishal the film star has got engaged to Anisha Reddy from Hyderabad. It has been a long time that they are yet to get married. Vishal is only a film star he also into this film unions. He has to construct the building of Nadigar Sangam.

The construction is in the pipeline and later he got engaged to this Hyderabad girl. There were some rumours that Vishal was trying to take a back step from the marriage.

But his father GK Reddy who is big businessman and also a Producer clarified in a press meet that there was no question of going back and that the Nadigara Sangam building will be completed and the marriage of Vishal will take place in the same building.

They were waiting for the construction to be completed and that Vishal will get married in the same building. This has cleared the rumours that Vishal was not getting married to Anisha so on and so forth.