Victory lap unscheduled -Howdy Modi

modi Trump

Howdy was the word coined to say like How are you, Modi. PM Modi replied all is well in many languages. But the victory lap taken by Modi and Trump was unscheduled and it was not on the agenda.

Modi took Trump by surprise and made a round of the stadium waving at the crowds. It was not expected and the security sleuths had a tough time in covering Modi and Trump when they were walking around the stadium to greet the crowds. Modi is nearing 70 and Trump has crossed 70. But they managed to walk around.

First Modi wanted to Hug Trump after completing the speech and getting down the dais. But Modi could see the reluctant Trump and then he forced him for a victory lap around the stadium. Modi had to request Trump Twice to walk around the stadium.

But the people who came to see them appreciated the gesture of the PM and the President. They enjoyed it thoroughly. But both the VIPs scratched each other back. Modi stated Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar. The same slogan was used in India for Modi.

But the meeting was a great success. The Indian crowds appreciated it very much. Never before a PM from India did this kind of roadshows and that too in USA with the President together.

Trump called Modi a loyal friend. Trump kept smiling all the time when Modi introduced Trump to the people of India.