Up to 75 yards G+1 no permission required

cm kcr assembly

Panchayati Raj is not a department and it is a movement said K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana. He was speaking in the Assembly explaining about the new Municipal bill today.

He reminded of Mahatma Gandhiji’s self-rule policy and said that the villages must be developed in a big way. The MLAs must know about the 5-year plans KCR suggested.

Panchayat Raj was earlier called as community development he explained. The NIRD was started by SK Dey from Rajendranagar KCR said. The people’s movements have lost relevance and they have been politicised and compartmentalised KCR opined. The movements must come back he opined.

The Urban Local bodies must be developed in a big way with all the transparency. The Municipal system should be corruption free he stated. Human interference should be reduced. Up to 75 yards only one rupee no permission required for construction of Ground plus one. Registration is just Rs1. only Rs 100 tax per annum.

The tree plantation should take place in a big way he suggested.