Uncivilised broots of Kamineni hospitals

nandamuri harikrishna

When Harikrishna the celebrity and the son of NTR was admitted to Kamineni Hospitals, more than saving his life, the staff around him were busy taking selfies with the body. They do not know if he was alive or not, but they wanted selfies with him as he was a celebrity. The took the selfies with the body and the same was photographed by someone else.


The Kamineni management should take them for a task or remove them from the job for not doing their duty properly and resorting to other personal activity like selfies.

We have heard some hospitals doing a medical activity with the dead body, here we can see the staff taking selfies with the body of Harikrishna which is a highly irresponsible activity. The Indian Medical association must step in and take the necessary action against them immediately. Otherwise, the irresponsible behaviour will continue.