TTD laddu loses its aroma and quality

ttd laddu

The World famous TTD Laddu has lost its taste and aroma. The laddu is filled with sugar granules. When you chew the laddu it is just aata and sugar granules. They are not grinding the sugar. They are just pouring the granules and wanting the customer to chew it.

It looks like there is no control over the TTD Potu that is the place where the Laddus are made. The laddu has several records, but they are not maintaining the quality as prescribed. We do not know if the laddu is weighed as mentioned.

There are no spices seen in the laddu. Ilaichi, Kaju, Kismiss and other dry fruits are missing from the TTD laddus these days. But there is enough demand for the laddus here. Laddus are being sold in black also.

There are brokers at Tirumala who can get you hundreds of Laddus if you have money. It may be noted that most of the temples including Yadadri are switching over to Laddus made of Jaggery. They are voiding sugar as Jaggery is good for health.

It Telugu it is called as Bellam Laddu. The TTD board members also must see if Jaggery laddu is viable at the TTD. They must check if it tastes better than the sugar laddu.

All said and done the board members must step in and check the quality and quantity of Laddu.