TJS Vasool Mela- nothing for ladies

jyotsna tjs

The Telangana Jasna Samithi is collecting mamools alleged one of the lady leaders Professor Jotsna. She said that it is Dilip Kumar who is collecting the funs she alleged. There is no importance to ladies in TJS she said. The TJS is fooling the people and making money she opined. She ready to talk on the collections of TJS in public and would come for an open debate Jotsna challenged.

She has collected the evidence of Mamools collected by the party leaders. I will prove all the allegations on Dilipkuma she said.

I did not come out of the party for party ticket and I am not bothered about contesting she replied. The party is not working on the principles she alleged.

The party is just bothered about collecting funds and making money and that is the reason I have come out of the TJS she replied. She was addressing the media here at the Press Club. She also opined that Kodandaram was also deviating from the Principles of the party and there is no concrete functioning of the party.

She opined that the people may not vote for this party which has become like any other political party with no morals at all. She wanted an enquiry into the mamools and vasools being done by the party leaders.