This is like police Raj says Babu


Chandrababu Naidu the LOP in Andhra Pradesh opined that the YSRC Government led by Jagan Mohan Reddy is like police Raj. How can you take away the rights of the opposition and the media he questioned.

The threatening will not work for long time Chandrababu opined. The TDP cadres are being threatened and driven away from the villages by the YSRC leaders he charged.

The media is being banned and warned. The channels are stopped what is this he questioned the Government. He quoted the Jamin Rythu paper which was regarded by senior-most CMs. How can you put cases on the Management of Jamin Rythu he asked.

How can you warn the Union Jorunalsis he questioned? YSRC leaders are threatening the scribes in the Union meetings he said. The MLAs and others are threatening the police officers he said.

Who gave the Power to YSRC Government to act against the Fourth estate he asked. The Press Council has also objected to the way the Journalist are being killed he stated. This is not the way he opined. The Government has become thick-skinned he charged.

Bihar is better than AP he said. AP is behaving like Bihar he opined. How can you close the door of the LOP he asked. How can the Government demolish properties without prior notice he questioned?The rating of the AP Government has gone down he stated.