The latest Video from Syeraa team

sye raa

Excel Entertainment has released the video of stars who have worked for Syeraa this morning. Amitabachchan, Nayana Tara , Chiranjeevi, Kitcha Sudeep get-ups can be seen in this fresh video from Excell entertainment. In the morning they are scheduled to release the video of the making of the movie.

Syeraa the prestigious movie of Chiranjeevi the megastar is all set to launch the making video on 14nth at 3.45 PM . A day just before the independence day. Syeraa is the movie of a freedom fighter by name Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy.

Megastar Chiranjeevi for the first time is in a different getup and outfit altogether. Surendar Reddy is the director of the movie. The war scenes and horse riding and fighting scenes with swords were shot in Georgia. Chiranjeevi at 60 took all the risk in doing the war scenes.

Horse riding was a challenge to him.A special poster for the release of making the video was already released.

This is a big-budget movie claims Ramcharan the producer of the movie on Konidela productions the surname of Chiranjeevi family. It is the home production from Chiranjeevi family.

One of the daughters of Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan and his wife Upasana has also worked for the movie. It is a prestigious movie for the entire family and Chiranjeevi has taken a lot of pains. The idea was mooted by the mega family after the success of Goutami Putra Sathakarni which was directed by Krish.