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The gang leader is injured

These days the heroes have become over-enthusiastic and are doing the stunt on their own. They do not want any dupes to do the stunt and action scenes. Natural Actor Nani who has got a hit in the form of Jersey is busy with some films these days.He is doing a film called Gang leader also. The title belongs to Chiranjeevi the megastar and the same is being used by Nani now. The Gang leader was produced in 1991. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s was the hero in Gang leader and it was a super duper hit with Bappi Laharis music.

It has to be seen how far Nani will be able to match the success of Gang Leder. On the other hand, it is reported that Nani was injured in the shooting of Gang leader while doing some action scenes on his own.
His wrist is sprained and he has to take some rest the doctors advised. Nani will have to take some rest and then would resume the shooting it is learnt.

There are chances that he might go for some dubbing work till the injury is cured. At the same time, some story settings are also being planned for Nani. Before becoming a hero Nani worked as an assistant director. He knows all the crafts of the film very well. He also believes that the script is the hero of the film.



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