The double impact of Sajjanar

cp sajjanar

There is an all-round appreciation for Cyberbad CP Sajjanar. According to the unconfirmed reports, the rapists of Disha were shot dead in an encounter early this morning.

A similar kind of encounter was done in Warangal when Sajjanar was the SP. The three culprits who were involved in an acid attack were also shot dead earlier.

So we can call it a double impact from Sajjnar. Sajjanar was the SP of Warangal when the encounter was done. The acid victim died in the hospital in Hyderabad.

The sister and parents of Disha along with some leaders of political parties expressed their happiness over the encounter. People came in larger numbers to see the scene of the encounter.

The place Disha was burnt is just 20 metres away from the site where 4 of the rapists were encountered by the police.