The delay of Metro rail continues


The management of Metro rail has given us many dates, so far the construction goes on and we do not know when the city people will start using it.

L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd,which is developing the metro rail here, has so far spent over Rs 12,000 crore on the project, while the Telangana government has incurred a cost of Rs over 2,000 crore.

“L&T has spent over Rs 12,000 crore. We government spent Rs 2,100 crore from our Rs 3,000 crore commitment. Part of the project is expected to be operational during the current year,” NVS Reddy, managing director of HMRL, implementing agency for the project, told a press conference.

The delay of Metro rail continues

Reddy said L&T gave representation to the government on the cost escalation due to delays for various reasons, which are being studied by the government.

The metro network will cover a total distance of around 72 kilometres across three corridors. The project was initially scheduled to be completed by July 2017, but delays like changes in alignment, land acquisition and other issues have resulted in the project overshooting the deadline.

The delay of Metro rail continues

Authorities had earlier said all three metro rail corridors, including the one passing through the old City, would be completed by December 2018. He said parking and circulatin work are going on at 32 out of the total 64 metro rail stations.

According to Reddy, 400 bike stations with 10,000 bicycles will be set up for the convenience of commuters. Electric vehicles and feeder buses will also be made available for the passengers to connect inner residential areas to metro stations.

Most of the roads in city has been dug by the Metro, lot of traffic congestion in the city due to the on going project works and we do not know when the first rake will start running in the city.