Telangana uses statistical data


B Vinod Kumar, Vice Chairman, Telangana State Planning Board, who was the Chief Guest at the MCHRD event, said that Telangana State is a frontrunner in the proactive use of data aimed at understanding problems in a scientific way and in formulating innovative schemes for their enduring solutions.

B Vinod KumarHe cited the examples of such schemes as Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bima,which are based on collection of ground level data and its analysis. “These schemes captured the imagination of other States from across the country”, he stated and added that the secret behind the success of Telangana agitation was the extensive use of data in highlighting the deprivation of Telangana region on multiple counts.

B Vinod Kumar

Continuing his address, Sri Vinod Kumar said that availability of data from the grassroots level would be of great help in undertaking planning for continuing the development trajectory of the State with a focus on Mandals and villages.

B Vinod Kumar

“It is in this context that the role of the MPSOs and ASOs assumes great importance”, he stated. He added that the present day world of work is changing at a mindboggling pace and advised the MPSOs and ASOsto keep learning, especially the emerging information and communication technologies, in order to keep their skill sets current and