Telangana is on the growth path:KCR


The economic and financial growth of the Telangana State for the past five years has been steady. We could achieve this due to our fiscal discipline, which gave no scope to any corruption and which led to timely and speedy decisions said the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

He was speaking here at Golkonda on the eve of 73rd Independence day. According to a report announced by the Central Government, In the 2018-19 Financial Year, our State was figured among the top states in Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) with 14.84 per cent growth rate.

The resources accrued due to the steady income growth have been utilised in a planned manner which has resulted in doubling the State’s wealth in the last five years. At the time of formation of Telangana state, the State’s wealth was about 4 Lakh Crore and now it is worth Rs 8.66 Lakh Crore. This is an indicator of the economic growth of the State.

Peace and harmony are prospering in the State. With a view to help the poor, we have given more priority to the Welfare and made it a top priority sector. We have ensured that there shall ne no problem with regards to the basic needs. We could find solutions to the issues and problems, which were haunting the Telangana for a long time. We could get attention of the country with our ideal governance.

We could get over the bad consequences, which proved destructive to the life in the Telangana region under the United AP rule. We could get the people to such a level where they are able to live with the basic minimum living standards.

For the past five years, firm and concrete steps were taken to realise the aims and objectives enshrined by the State. Telangana state is now going ahead with confidence and with appositive attitude. I am now sharing with the people on the occasion of the Independence Day celebrations that this forward march towards progress will be a continuous affair.