Tanushree Dutta has Nana Patekar videos!


Tanushree is becoming another Srireddy in Bollywood. First, she talked about Nana Patekar and later about the director who demanded her to dance in naked form. Both the director and Patekar have sent legal notices to Tanushree. Now to prove that she is right, Tanushree has released on video against Patekar in a dancing sequence where he is looking at her in a romantic manner.


It is reported that Tanushree is gathering ladies to report against Nana from the film industry.Senior actor Dimple Kapadia has indirectly confirmed that Nana has dark secrets on the others side but people keep quite taking his acting abilities and popularity into account.


Now Tanushree is trying to release more videos to the Media against Nana. When it comes to the director, she has other actors around her who has shielded her. She can get the evidence against the director easily. When it comes to Nana she has the videos. So now we have to see how Nana and the director would like to bail themselves out. Tanushree acted with Balakrishna in a Telugu film also. Later she drifted to Bollywood.