T Hub 2- soon: KTR

thub 2

K Taraka Rama Rao the Minister for IT and Municipal administration has announced that the T Hub incubator one was a great success and that the T Hub two is under consideration and will be starting soon.

The start-up incubation work is going on at a faster pace and people from across the world are watching it. KTR was making a point in the Assembly on the fourth day today.

Balka Suman the MLA said that the T Hub has brought a lot of name and fame to the city of Hyderabad and the image of Telangana has been developed with this. People like Ratan Tata, Satya Nadendla also appreciated this project he said.

T Hub has been a successful incubator the IT Minister agreed. There are around 2000 startups being worked out from Hyderabad T Hub one he explained. By March 2020 T Hub will be the worlds largest incubator from Hyderabad.

The youth will get mentorship and also funding apart from Business incorporation he explained. Goa, Delhi and some states are taking the knowhow from T Hub for the incubators in their states he stated.

Representatives from 11 states have visited the T hub so far he announced. NITI Ayog also advocated the T Hub apart from the RBI he stated. 4000 youths are expected to get employment because of this T hub he said. The Telangana state innovation cell is also working along with the T hub he stated.

Research and innovation circle of Hyderabad is also working on the same lines to propagate the research works he said. The T works will give information on the hardware side he explained.

IIT, ISB, NALSAR are the partners with the state Government KTR said.