Sunny Leone is No1 on Google


Porn star Sunny Leone has become popular in Bollywood and Tollywood for her item songs. She has acted in some movies also. But last year she has been in news for staying in the top 10 of the Google search. Now she has climbed to number one position this year. She thanked her fans and wellwishers for searching the Google engine to know more and more about her.

But Sunny also expressed a wich with her fans, saying that she should not be talked about a porn star and that she has become an actor and a character actor in many Hindi and Telugu films. She has got an offer as a leading lady also in some of the movies.

Sunny Leone

Sos he opined that talking about her and describing her as a porn star is a thing of the past and she must be just treated as an actor or a character actor. The item songs are nothing but a part of the entertainment she said.

Now Leone is trending as number one in Google search and this is an achievement. That shows she is very popular on Google. Leone thanked the fans and well-wishers for showering the blessings on her.

Earlier sometimes Sunny Leone was trending better than the PM Narendra Modi.