Sukumar acting in movies


Popular director Sukumar is acting in movies these days. He is in gang leader in the end where he interacts with a hero who is a writer in the movie. Here Sukumar introduces himself as a director while Naani says he does not go for Telugu movies and he does not know about Sukumar.

It is a cameo role done by Sukumar for Mythri movies and people liked it. We usually see the directors in their own movies in a shot or the other. But here Sukumar the director is working in other movies.

It is reported that Sukumar is also working in Valmiki of Varun Tej. Here also Sukumar is a director.

Sukumar is close to Mega family and Konidela boys. Sukumar earlier tried to work with Mahesh after Rangasthalam, but Anil Ravipudi got the chance. Now Sukumar has shifted to Allu Arjun.

Allu Arjun is completing movie with Trivikram and now he is working with Sukumar for his next. The industry and the directors are revolving around two, three families. One is Mahesh, the other is Mega family boys and the rest are aya rams and gaya rams.

These days the stories are first going to Mahesh and then cooming to the boys of the Konidela family. next comes the family of Akkineni’s.