Srireddy unable to keep quiet!


Srireddy who is back in Hyderabad from Chennai is making some noise or the other. She became popular with her casting couch expose.

After coming back to Hyderabad she has talked about Korata Shiva and called him a Kama Sutra man. She said KS is not Koratala Shiva it is Kama Sutra.

Now she has posted the photos Daggubati Rana and the other son of Suresh Babu in obscene photos. She also questioned Suresh Babu as to what kind of discipline he was teaching them. She also dragged the movie Moghul Ramanaidu into the controversy.

Theses days Suresh is busy breeding cows, selling milk and Desi ghee apart from doing some Agriculture. He also breeding goats at his big farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad.


Coming back to Srireddy, it is reported that she has come back to Hyderabad for shooting in a film which shows Lakshmi Parvathi in a bad light. The film titled is Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham. Meaning the reality of Lakshmi Parvathi. This veeragrandham will show Lakshmi Parvathi in a bad light.

One movie from RGV makes Lakshmi Parvathi a heroine, and the other coming up with Srireddy will show her as an exploiter. Kethi Reddy is doing the movie with Srireddy.

Here SriReddy said that if there was an age difference between her first husband and Lakhsmi, then there was a difference of age between NTR and Lakshmi she remarked.

People know why Lakshmi Parvathi married, NTR she said. She also added that she is doing the role as an actor and she is not bothered on the portrayal of the character by Kethireddy. She is just an actor doing the role of Lakshmi and nothing more than that.