Srireddy ready for Lawrence Raghava

Srireddy ready for Lawrence Raghava

It may be recalled that even after facing allegations from Srireddy, Lawrence the dance master and director said that he was ready to give an opportunity to Srireddy in his next movie. All that he wants to see that is if Srireddy can really dance well and act for his movie.

Earlier Srireddy charged that Lawrence in the name of giving her a film chance use her physically in the Hotel Golkonda hotel room and that continued for some time and later it was spoiled by the big producer. But Lawrence said that there was nothing between them and she met him during the movie of Prabhas for a role and that did not materialise.

Srireddy ready for Lawrence Raghava

He, however, said that it was foolish to say that he had Rudrakshas and god photos in the hotel room. Having Sympathy for the plight of Srireddy, Larence said that he would give her a chance in his next movie.

Srireddy accepted the offer and said that she was ready or the said test from Lawrence. However, regarding a case against by a film star stating that she was extracting money and was a prostitute, Srireddy clarified that there was no money involved and that people even did not give her food but they used her in name of giving movie chances.