Srireddy calls Pawan Kalyan a Naayi..

SriReddy, Pawan-Kalyan

It looks like Srireddy is crossing her limits and continuing a no holds bar attack against Pawan Kalyan. In a post, she called Pawan Kalyan a Naayi meaning dog. She has also used filthiest language against the power star and at the same time challenged Lawrence Raghava to direct her and test the ability for working with him. When a case was filed against her, Srireddy said that she wants to commit suicide. But so far she could not provoke any of them properly. She made allegations left and right, clarified that she never took money from any one of them and cannot be considered as a prostitute.

Sri-Reddy, jagan

She also said that even proper food was not given to her, but she was used and abused physically. Now she is concentrating on Pawan Kalyan as she is getting good mileage. But there are indications that she was being used and encouraged by the YSRC leaders against Pawan Kalyan to defame him. She is attacking him on the personal and political basis. It is learnt that the think tank of the Janasena is strategising to contain Srireddy through back door and not take on her publicly. There is a talk that Srireddy would like to contest on YSRC ticket and she would meet the chief Jagan soon.