Srireddy as Lakshmi Parvathi?


Now fourth cinema on NTR is coming to light. It is called as Lakshmi’s Veeragrantham. It is about the other angle of LP. Srireddy the lady who broke the news of casting couch in Tollywood would be the leading lady in this Veeragrandham. It is against Lakshmis NTR people say. Veeragrandham is Lakshmi Parvathi’s husband’s name.

Veeragrandham also means a big juicy episode. It has to be seen how the director would depict Lakshmi Parvathi in this movie. Taking Srireddy as the leading lady itself explains everything about the movie. LP will be depicted in a bad light it looks like.


At the same time Lakshmi Parvathi cannot react to this as she has endorsed Lakhsmis NTR.

Now altogether 4 movies on NTRs life history. Kathanayakudu, Mahanayakudu, Lakshmis NTR, Lakshmis Veeragrantham. This way NTR is creating history after his death also. Adding Srireddy to the movie is making all the difference and the news is already viral on the web.