Social warriors for TRS party

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It is a known fact that Social Media the best communication weapon for reaching people across the world. The BJP has won many elections at the national level with the help of campaigning on social media.

TRS which has become a role model for the Nation also has used Social Media to some extent but it was from Hyderabad only. The party top leaders have identified that the onslaught of the opposition has increased against the TRS on social media in many districts.

The TRS has a social media team in place and they operated from Hyderabad. Now the party has decided that they must operate from all the 31 districts to answer the critics specifically.

They would post and also give a counter to the postings made against the party and its leaders. For this, they would train the respective staff at the party office in Hyderabad.

K Kavitha the former MP from Nizamabad looked after the social media for some time. There is a thinking that if neede KTR the working President would take one or two classes for the social media warriors depending upon the requirement.

The idea is to counter the negative propaganda of the leader’s for the opposition. Parties like Congress and BJP are extensively using social media. The BJP is very aggressive in this regard.

So there is every need for the TRS to concentrate on the social media aspect and set up centres in all the districts. When it comes to the regular media, the TRS leaders have been taking care of them properly.

Now the social media aspect will also be addressed.