Saahoo Sajjannar-fast track justice


The rapists of Disha were encountered in just 9 days. The rape incident occurred on 27nth and Disha was burnt on the same night. Now the bodies are being sent to postmortem.

Mayawathi the BSP leaders stated that the UP and other police must learn from the Telangana police.The mother of Nirbhaya also stated that justice is done to the parents of Disha.

In Vijayawada, a large number of girls gathered in an educational institution and celebrated the encounter with Band Baja. Chinna Jeeyar trust has also appreciated the act of the Telangana police.

The encounter is said to have taken place near the chattanpalli bridge very near to the area where Disha was burnt. There is unanimity among the public and also the lawmakers over the encounter that took place early this morning.

On the other hand, the central government is trying to amend the laws as suggested by the CM KCR and the IT minister KTR. But the people are happy that instant justice has been done to Disha.

CP Sajjanar has already visited the scene of the encounter. There is talk that the culprits have pelted stones on the police and also tried to snatch away the weapons.

The police had no other option but to kill the culprits.