Rules for star Campaigners

rajath kumar

The Election Commission can permit/accord star campaigners status to 20 persons in case of Recognized Political Parties registered with the TSEC and 5 persons in case of Un-Recognized registered Political Parties with the TSEC to campaign for their Party/Party candidates contesting from their Party in entireState.

2. The Parties should submit the list of star campaigners along with their biodata

and also a copy of an identity card (one of those notified by the SEC for the purpose of identification of voters) to the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration and State Election Authority marking a copy to SEC within 3 days of issuance of election notification under Section 195 of Telangana Municipalities Act, 2019. The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration and State Election Authority shall communicate the lists of Star – Campaigners to the District Election Authorities & Addl/Asst. District Election

Authorities for their information.

3. The Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration and State Election Authority is hereby authorized to issue vehicle permission to the star campaigners furnished by the Political parties as mentioned in para 1.

4. The permission shall be given in the name of the star campaigners and also mention the registration number of the vehicle and the period for which the permit is issued and area of operation.

5. The permit may be issued in the format annexed to this notification on a square shaped sticker with suitable adhesive. An attested copy of the permit shall be prominently displayed on wind screen of the vehicle and original be kept by the person for checking by police or any other authorities. The General Observers, Expenditure Observers, Collectors and District Election

Authorities, Municipal Commissioners, Returning Officers and surveillance teams should also be informed such vehicle permissions whenever vehicle permit has been issued to the Star Campaigner of a Political Party of a political party for the purpose of accounting of expenditure either on behalf of Party or the contesting candidates.

6. Travel expenditure of the Star Campaigners shall be borne by the Concerned Political Party. In the event of a public rally or meeting by the star campaigner, if the candidate or his election agent shares the dais with the star campaigner/ other dignitary, then the entire expenditure on that rally other than the travel expenses of the star campaigner should be added to the candidate’s expenses. If the candidate is not present on the dais but the banners/posters with name of the candidate or the photographs of the candidate are displayed at the site of pubic rally or the name of the candidate is mentioned by the dignitary/Star Campaigner, then also the entire expenditure on the public rally, other than the travel expenses of the star campaigner, will be added to the candidate’s account of election expenses