Ruckus in Andhra Assembly

chandrababu jagan

The leader of the Opposition Chandrababu Naidu should not threaten the Speaker in the house suggested the YSRC member Ambati Rambabu. He said that the LOP can give respect and ask for permission rather than talking in a threatening manner.

It is not right on the part of the LOP to talk to the Speaker in a threatening manner he said. The LOP Chandrababu was agitated and suggested the speaker in an angry voice that this was not the way.

Making a point here the leader of the house YS Jaganmohan Reddy clarified that no one was involved in seating arrangements for the Assembly sessions. But the Speaker suggested that the members must sit in the seats allocated them.

Let the members sit where ever they want the CM suggested. Why make a controversy over the sitting places the CM questioned?

Let us follow the things with unanimity and not create unnecessary ruckus in the Assembly Jagan suggested. How can we go back to the first question when we are taking up the second question, Jagan asked?

The rules are being dictated to the Speaker by the LOP, that is not right he said. We have to follow the rules, the experience will not make any difference for sitting in the Assembly Jagan clarified.

The rules say that things are left to the discretion of the Chair, why blame the speaker for everything he questioned? We are going out of the way to accommodate the opposition he said. Don’t try to gain sympathy out of every issue Jagan suggested to the members.