RK attracts all with his agriculture

Alla Ramakrishna

Alla Ramakrishna popular RK is doing agriculture like an ordinary farmer. He is one who has won against the former Chief Ministers Son Lokesh from Mangalagiri.

Not only he is ploughing the land, RK is also cleaning the animals, lifting the cow dung and doing everything. RK is also spending for providing Rs 5 a meal in his constituency and is popular with the masses.

Not only that he is selling vegetables at an affordable price to the local people around him. Earlier he has proved the calculations of TDP were wrong and won against Lokesh.

Alla Ramakrishna

The photos of RK doing the agriculture work have gone viral and he has been branded as Maharshi. It goes after Mahesh Babus movie where the superstar goes for agriculture despite being a business tycoon.

There are very few MLAs in the Telugu states who really practice agriculture. It is good that the majority of them go for agriculture to make the states rich. It sends all good signals to the farming community if an MLA does the agricultural work in his field.