Rift between Naresh & Jeevitha Rajasekhar


All is not well with the Movie Artists Association (MAA). This is all about Rs 5 crore capital that was with the MAA. Now Jeevitha Rajasekhar have called for an executive meeting.

There is talk that the meeting was called in the absence of Naresh the President of MAA. The other members are asking about the fund of 5 crores.

It is reported that most of the programs by MAA were done with funds given by sponsors. Then where was the need for spending the money from the 5 crore fund some members questioned?


There is a talk that there are differences between the President and other members. After formally calling for a meeting, Jeevitha Rajasekhar said that the meeting was friendly and informal.

Some others said that the call for the meeting should have the permission of the President in particular. Jeevitha opined that because of the court orders the meeting was called on an informal basis.

From the beginning, MAA has been a controversial body and all was not well with them. There were allegations of misappropriation of funds and people went to the court.

There was controversy in the conduct of the elections also.