RGV presents Bhairava Geeta


After seeing several flops, RGV thought it fit to give the direction to someone else and present the movie. He is presenting the Bhairava Geeta now. The title looks mythological but the film is romantic and action oriented it is reported. Just for a change. He wants you to think.

The poster is out and nothing great about it. The hero and the lady together on the poster. But the movie is said to be very expensive and directed by Siddartha. The trailer will be out on September it is reported.


Like Karana Johar, RGV also wants to step aside for some time to produce movies direct movies and then come back to the directing after some time.

RGV faced many controversies, police cases but did not budge. He talked whatever he felt was right. He even attacked the Mega family, Supported Srireddy which was uncalled for. Earned bad name, went into underground after the officer became a disaster with Nagarjuna, spoiling the reputation of Nagarjuna.

Now he is back with Bhairava Geeta. Let’s see how it works.