Real Governance from August 15nth

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The rules and regulations have to be followed for the welfare of the citizens said, K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister of Telangana. He was talking at the Assembly on the new municipal bill.

There will be 128 municipalities in the states he said. The collector will have absolute rights to regulate the systems he said. In case of fire or floods, it is becoming extremely difficult for the authorities to enter some areas where there are no proper setbacks to the buildings he explained.

The election commission is autonomous but the State Government will decide the date for elections the CM stated. There will be no nagara panchayats he said. Citizen friendly urban policy will come into existence with online systems he announced.

Heavy fine for illegal constructions he warned. There will be proper regulations he stated. Flying squads will counter check the declarations made by the owners of the buildings.

Hyderabad will be taken care of by the GHMC he said. If deviations found, there will be a fine by 25 times he warned. Illegal buildings will be demolished.

BRS has become a joke. Then why do we need permissions he questioned? India will look at us from August 15 nth he said. The collectors will be made responsible he stated. We must take care of the Green cover KCR opined.

Should we purchase Oxygen? this is shameful he said. What is this Oxygen clubs culture he asked?