Rana suffering from kidney problem?


When Rana was losing weight for the role Chandrababu Naidu the AP CM, there were rumours that he was not keeping good health. But the reality was he was losing weight show the cheekbones and look exactly like Chandrababu.

The film NTR bombed a the box office, but Rana Daggubati got a lot of appreciation in Tollywood that he has done a good job in the role of Chandrababu. He is already an internationally acclaimed star for his role in Baahubali as a villain.


Now the latest rumours are that he is suffering from kidney problems and that he needs kidney transplantation. Rana agreed that he has some BP issue and that would alright in the course of treatment. Except for that, he has no issue.

But the rumours always continued on his health. His father Suresh babu also clarified that the fans need not worry about Rana and that he was doing well so far.

Rana was also in the news as Srireddy the casting couch baby has posted one of his pictures when he was kissing Trisha.