Rajamouli is fine-tuning Syeraa

chiru syeraa

It looks like Chiranjeevi the megastar is not so happy with the outcome of Syeraa. He should be having some doubts and the movie is filled with graphics and visual effects.

The shooting is over and the dubbing part of Chiranjeevi is also over. But there is a talk that Chiranjeevi has suggested Ramcharan to see that the post-production work is handed over to the ace director Rajamouli so that some fine tuning can be done wherever it is required.

Surender Reddy is the director, but he has not done this kind of movies earlier. They have shot some war scenes extensively in Georgia also. Big stars like Amitabachchan also involved. It is a prestigious project for the Konidela family.

The movie was produced by Ramcharan under Konidela productions. Syeraa was planned after Gowthamiputra Sathakarni became a super duper hit.

Chiranjeevi also wanted to do that kind of movie. In fact, Krish the director has completed the movie Gowthamiputra in a short span of time and earned huge profits. But Surendra Reddy is taking a long time for Syeraa. Let hope that there will not be any ego clashes between Surendar and director Rajamouli when they for some corrections here and there in Syeraa.

Right now Rajamouli is busy with his RRR.