Puri with Balaiah again

Balakrishna Puri Jagannth

Puri Jagannath the director who is riding on the wave of iSmart Shankar announced he will give a big hit to Balaiah and that he is working on it. Puri has earlier done Paisa Vasool with Balakrishna and it could not do well at the box office. But Balakrishna was shown in a different style altogether. Balakrishna fans like it. The movie failed at the box office.

Puri who was busy with the release of iSmart Shankar has said that he would like to give a super duper hit to Balakrishna and that is going to happen soon.

Right now Puri is in a happy mode after giving a string of flops. He has made some table profit with iSmart Shankar. He has cleared the due of Charmee also who is working with him in the name of Puri connects.

Ram is also happy that people are talking about the Kirrak attitude of iSmart Shankar. People in Warangal and also Guntur received the team of iSmart very well and the response for Bonalu son was awesome everywhere.

Let’s hope Puri Jagannath will also come out of the red soon. He has sold his house for the sake of Mehabooba with was made with his son Aakash as the leading man. It was a disaster.