Puri is wrong about Mahesh Babu


Puri Jagannath commented that Mahesh Babu does films with him only when he gives hits. Is that true? Earlier Teja also opined that Mahesh works with only hit directors.

Mahesh did Pokiri with Jagannath when he gave flops like 143 and Andhrawala with NTR. That was not the real hit period for Jagannath. Later he gave Pokiri a super-duper hit of Mahesh life. The businessman was also given by Puri to Mahesh. Both films were industry hits.

The statement made by Puri about Mahesh is not correct. Mahesh worked with Puri when he had flopped and later got hits with the help of Mahesh and his cooperation. That is the reality.

Mahesh Babu

Anyway, Mahesh has got a lot of hits after Pokiri and Businessman. Now Koratala and Vamsi gave two big hits to Mahesh Babu and they were bigger hits when compared to Businessman and Pokiri.

At the same time it is worth to recollect, that when Mahesh talked about the directors in his life, he did not bother to mention about Puri and also about Pokiri.

We do not know what went really wrong between Puri and Mahesh.

But anyway Puri Jagannath is celebrating the average success of iSmart Shankar. It is not that a big hit, but not bad when Puri is going through a lean period.

Let’s hope Puri will make a come back after this movie.