Prudhvi to go out of MAA


Prudhvi the 30 years film artist and the Chairman of the Sri Venkateshwara Bhakti Channel (SVBC) today said that he would resign to the EC membership of MAA and stated that the artists were behaving like political leaders.

Parachuri Venakteshwar Rao went out of the MAA meeting with tears in his eyes. Even before doing some work, the differences have cropped up between the Committee members and the EC members.

Prudhvi opined that the big people from the film industry must come to settle the issue between the MAA committee members. While Jeevitha Rajasekhar said that there was no formal meeting here, Naresh said that they cannot call for a meeting without court permission.

Some members commented that it was not right on the part of members that Parachuri was walking away from the meeting with tears in his eyes.

One thing is for sure that there was no unanimity between the MAA committee members and the EC members. In the name of the informal meeting, there was General body meeting being attempted here at the MAA office. Some EC members just walked out.

There was a lot of Chaos and confusion.