Prashant Kishore for Kamal Hassan

prashanth kishor

Prashant Kishore the poll strategist is now working in Tamilnadu. He has tied up with Kamal Hassan for the coming Assembly elections. He had recently met Mamatha didi and is working for her. He gave a bumper majority to Jaganmohan Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and made him the Chief Minister.

After that, he has started the work for Mamata didi. Mamatha is worried about the onslaught from the BJP and wants to win the Assembly polls with a good majority.

Now Kamal Hassan being a new entrant into the politics want to make a mark in Tamilnadu. The BJP here is encouraging Rajinikanth the other superstar.

On the whole, the situation is very fluid in Tamilnadu and many of them want to enter the arena here in the name of the void created by the absence of Jayalalithaa.

It has to be seen who far Kamal will in a position to take on the might DMK and Aiaidmk in the long run. On the other hand, he has to take on the other superstar in the political arena.

But Prashant is working in a systematic fashion as he did in other states. He was instrumental in getting power to Jagan in the recent times wiping out the TDP from Andhra Pradesh.

Now it has to be seen how far he will be in a position to help Mamata did and Bharateeydu Kamal Hassan.