Prakash Raj troubles Essel Vision


Prakash Raj the versatile actor is troubling the Essel vision group in terms of producing a movie it is reported. Prakash preaches so many things, like Buddha but does not follow any of hte morals that he preaches.

Criticising Modi and the BJP he lost the election miserably. There are no takers for his leadership. There is a time when the Telugu producers banned him for not coming on time and troubling them.

It is reported that Prakash has to pay around 5 crores to the Essel Group for the production of a movie which he is directing. It is a remake of the salt and pepper. It is reported that after the court direction he gave a cheque of Rs 2 crore. But the court has warned that if the cheque bounced it amounts to opposing the court directions.

There are several instances where Prakash has behaved arrogantly and did not keep up his promises. He never walks the talk. There was a feud between Dil Raju the big producer and Prakash. But they patched up later to do some more movies together.

But it is learnt that Prakash is a good cook and entertains the people whom he likes very much.