Praise KCR no problem says Chandrababu


Chandrababu Naidu is hitting back at the PM Modi and the BJP Government like he never did before. Babu said that it was Modi who fell into the trap of YSRCP and Jagan and not him. It is incorrect to say that the TDP has fallen into the trap of YSRC he clarified. Jagan and Vijay Saireddy are manipulating the BJP and Modi he charged. Babu said that there was nothing wrong in praising and comparing him, but it was not the right way to talk about him in the parliament he opined.He objected to the way AP was degraded in the parliament when the nation was looking at the live, he said.

chandra babu, modi

Praising KCR was OK, and KCR was my colleague in politics in the TDP, Babu reminded. But he said that the days of BJP are numbered and that people will throw it away in Baby of Bengal he opined. A lot of injustice was done to AP and now it is being degraded in the parliament which was not the right way he said.He also added that AP does not need the certificate of Modi and that the people of AP will certify him and the development he has done babu said.

Babu said that the people of AP are his first priority and that was the reason he rejected the post of Prime Minister twice in his career. He wanted the people of AP to trounce the BJP and the YSRCP combine and give all the 25 parliament seats to the TDP so that they would have a better bargain in the future.