Prabhas is like Rahul & Salman


Like Rahul Gandhi the Congress MP and Salman Khan Khan the super-duper hero, our hero of Baahubali fame Prabhas is not getting married He will be 40 this 23rd October.

Last year the Telugu people and Prabhas fans were expecting a big announcement from Prabhas. That was about his marriage. But he did not announce anything.

He will be 40 and it is time to get married, there should be no second thinking about it. Rahul Gandhi has also crossed his 40s and he stated that he is already wedded to the Congress party.

Salman Khan is always in news and there was this rumour of getting married to Lulia Vantur. But so far no marriage for Salman khan also. He has been evading the marriage from time.

It is same with Prabhas also. There were rumours about Prabhas and Anushka. We are good friends concluded Anushka. Let’s hope Prabahs will give a good announcement on this birthday that is on 23rd October.

His Uncle Krishnam Raju, said that several girls were looking for getting married to Prabhas, But Prabahs is yet to give a green signal. Afterall it is his life. Right now Prabahas is working on a film called Jaan.