Prabhas darling looks at Smart Puri


Prabhas the darling who failed with Sujith after Saaho is now looking at Puri Jagannath it is reported. Both Puri and Prabhas need each other to come up with a super duper hit.

Both have done two movies and are average hits. Bujjigadu was a good hot for Prabhas from Puri Jagannath. Jana Gana Mana was the story made for Mahesh Babu. But Mahesh Babu has been keeping away from Puri for a long time. The story is in cold storage.

Now that Prabahs is working with Vijay Devarakonda, soon after that Puri is going to work with Prabhas. But it all depends on the outcome of the movie done by puri with Vijay.

Prabhas and Puri

But Puri with Charmee is on a high after the super-duper success of iSmart Shankar. The theen maar movie was a hit for the Bonalu in Telangana and the director has made good money out of this movie.

Prabha’s is already doing a romantic story and some of the shooting has already been done while he was completing Saaho. Now Prabhas has decided to do two movies per year. Earlier he was doing one movie for two years.

Lets hope Puri and Prabhas will make a super-duper hit.