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Powerful cameras at Kaleshwaram project

One might be wondering as to why Cameras were installed at the sites of Kaleswaram project works. But that is the reality. Some media people who were there to cover the ongoing works of the project were surprised to see the powerful cameras on site. The Engineering chiefs who were supervising the works here explained that the chief Minster was monitoring the works from Pragathi Bhavan. They said that all the stages of works are being monitored by the Chief Minister directly.

KCR was also giving instructions to the ENCs on a regular basis and he visited the project recently. The works were going on under the direct supervision of the Chief Minister. The progress of the works and also the quality of work is also being monitored regularly here from the Pragathi Bhavan. We do not know what all works the chief Minister is monitoring from Pragathi Bhavan.The cameras installed will be useful for the security of the project. Now that Prime Minister Modi, CMs Fadnavis and Jagan are being invited for the inauguration of the project, the security will be beefed up at the project site.

It is learnt that KCR has been monitoring the works of Yadadri also from time to time. Both Kaleshwaram and Yadadri have been his pet project and both are nearing completion. Both the projects are unique in their nature. The name of KCR will remain in history for doing these projects. Kaleshwaram will quench the thirst of fields. Yadadri, on the other hand, is being developed on par with Tirumala Titupathi Devasthanam and it is no less than the TTD.



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