Over 100 children dead in Bihar


More than 100 people have died in Bihar due to encephalitis. Both the centre and the state Government have failed in tackling the issue. It is reported that the Central Minister Dr Harshvardhan who visited Bihar avoided direct questions from the media.

While the situation is worsening, here the junior doctors are on a strike across the nation. The outpatient wards are not functioning today and the IMA is planning to go for a strike across the Nation.

Being a Union Health Minister, Harshvardhan said that he has answered the question yesterday. The Minister avoided media by saying he cannot give any brief on a daily basis. Harshvardhan visited the hospital yesterday in Muzaffarpur.

Adding to this around 50 people died in Bihar due to the heat wave.

There is a chance that if the doctors strike a chord with CM Mamata, they might call off the strike. There is every need for the state and the centre to take stock of the situation in Bihar to contain encephalitis. They have to save the children at any cost. It is the primary responsibility of any Government.

The parliament and the Ministers are busy with the oath-taking ceremony of the MPs.