Oh Baby for Alia Bhatt

rana alia bhatt

Rana the grandson of Ramanaidu and the Son of Suresh Babu from Suresh Productions is a shrewd businessman. majority of the movies that they make are a grand success. Ramanidu was a big producer but was not a shrewd businessman. He used to give a bonus to the employees of the Ramanaidu studios when there was a big hit.

But later Suresh his son took over the studios and movie production. He is known for making risk free investment most of the time. For some time they stopped producing movies as they were not viable. But now they are back into the business.

Rana the grandson of Ramanidu is also investing in Bollywood movies now and then. After the success of Oh Baby in Telugu, now Rana wants to do the same for Bollywood. He has already talked to Alia Bhatt in place of Samantha to add commercial value for the movie Oh Baby. Right now the decision is that Alia with play the role of Samantha and Rana will be the hero of the movie.

Majority of the technical team would be retained. Some change in the script is also being planned to suit the nativity of Bollywood it is reported.

These days Suresh productions is busy supporting the small and medium budget movies and then minting money at the box office.

Let’s hope Nandini Reddy will be retained for the director. The original story was from a French movie and ti worked out in Telugu. Rana opined that the storyline has the universal appeal and it is going to be a hit in Hindi also.